The Jam & Jelly Lady

Canning Fine Preserves in Historic Lebanon, Ohio

About The Jam & Jelly Lady

A Family Affair


At age 5, our three children, Jessica, Will, and Jack, earned a buck a case when applying labels! They have run farm markets, painted the shops, tasted gallons of new jams, and been the heart and soul of the cannery since they were born.

The Summer Kitchen


Our cannery, The Summer Kitchen, is a 1,000-square foot FDA-approved kitchen located in the heart of Ohio farming country. Built by the Jam Man (Pete!) in 2006 so that Sonya could take her jam business to new heights.

Farm to Jar


We take advantage of juicy Ohio strawberries, tart raspberries, sublime black raspberries, and iconic Melrose apples (grown in Lebanon!) Other local ingredients include fresh-pressed cider and honey from our own hives!

Unique Culinary Shop


Committed to stocking the best in canning equipment in a fun, creative culinary environment! From pressure canners to jars, food mills to canning books: we have it all! And if we don't carry it - just ask! 

Canning Classes


The named our hands-on, comprehensive canning classes the best in the nation! Classes typically offered April through August. Our all-day Boot Camp is the prerequisite for all other classes.

The Hallmark Movie


Our adorable, original Mulberry St. shop was featured in the Hallmark movie, "The Christmas Spirit" starring Olympia Dukakis and Nicollette Sheridan. In 2015 the shop moved to its present location: 20 S. Broadway.